All visitors must attend the NATS Prestwick Centre with valid original photographic ID (valid passport or driving licence)

We are unable to accept regional or non-European driving licenses.

Anyone attending without the appropriate form of ID will not be permitted to pass through security or gain access to the NATS Prestwick Centre.

On arrival by car, the guard at the security kiosk will check you are an expected visitor. You will then be directed through the barrier, to stop in the visitor’s bays on the left.

Please then make your way to the reception of the Security Gatehouse where your identification will be checked and you will then be issued with a visitors pass.

An officer will then accompany you to your vehicle where a security search of your vehicle will take place prior to allowing you access to Prestwick Centre.

If driving, please follow the one way system, and ensure the speed limit is observed: 10mph in the car park and 20mph on the road.

If you are using a taxi to get to Prestwick Centre, the taxi will be permitted to drop you off at the Security Gatehouse.

If arriving on foot you will have to press the buzzer at the Entrance Turnstile. Security will take your name and will send a guard to escort you to the next part of the security process.

Once your ID has been checked and visitor pass issued, you will be directed towards the main entrance to Prestwick Centre.

On entering NATS Prestwick Centre, please report to the Security Screening beside the main reception desk.

You will undergo baggage and personal screening as you would at any major airport. Please be ready to remove all metal and electrical items from baggage and your person.

Please allow a little extra time to pass though security.

Visitors unwilling to undergo security screening will not be unable to enter the building as this is an entry requirement.



Security Passes – Must be worn visibly at all times whilst on site.

Smoking – is not permitted within the building. There are designated smoking areas outside the building.

Mobile phones – can be used in general areas, but must not be used in operational areas.

Photography – is not permitted without written authorisation from NATS Prestwick Site Management.

Fire Alarm – on hearing the fire alarm please leave the building immediately by the nearest Fire Escape and proceed to the Fire Point Assembly Point in the walkway in the carpark. Please present your pass to one of our muster readers; this is an important step in accounting for you.