Strumble Distruptions to Service

Strumble Status Information

The Strumble height monitoring system is operating and collecting data, however, there are still a number of limitations to the service. The NAT CMA cannot, therefore, guarantee any specific flight will be monitored successfully for the following reasons:

1              The system requires a minimum number of overflights in any given period in order to self-calibrate and in periods of reduced traffic, the system will not process the flight data and we will be unable to provide height monitoring results. We cannot predict any time period which will have met the minimum number of flights, however, if your sole purpose of flight is for height monitoring, please aim to fly over during typical peaks in traffic in the mornings or afternoons in order to give the highest possible chance of being captured by the system.

2              The system is also experiencing a number of technical issues that, although do not result in the system being declared out of service, do impact the reliability. The maintenance team are making every effort to fix all on site issues as quickly as possible, however, they are subject to COVID19 social distancing and restrictions on movements and this can impact the schedule of repairs at short notice.

If you do operate a flight overhead Strumble and wish to check if a monitoring result is available, please send your flight details via HMU Request form or email to the NAT CMA and we will endeavour to provide any data we can as quickly as possible.